Thursday, 28 July 2011

Random words that catch your attention

“But to ken that ane's purpose is right, and to make their heart strong, is the way to get through the warst day's darg.”

The Heart of Mid-Lothian

Darg. Looking on Amazon at the new book by Sharon Miller on Love Darg Shetland Shawls, came across the word again.I first encountered it several years ago in a back issue of People's Friend magazine, where they had a Love Darg knitting event - people sent in knitted items to be dsitributed to charities.
Darg is defined as a day's work, or a task worked at and completed within a defined time limit.
A wonderful word, it has many possibilities I think!

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Sue xx said...

It is wonderful and the best way to look at one's purpose in life methinks...we'll make it our word of the month for August? I still love to use the word 'numpty' ;)