Friday, 22 July 2011

Graveyard jam

On the way home from work the other day, coming down the hill past the graveyard, I spotted a huge amount of tiny yellow fruits on the grass in the graveyard, tiny wee wild yellow plums; Looking up, there was still quite a lot on the tree. I got Bean and bf to go up last night and forage them for me, they came back with 3lbs 12oz of them! Lovely, sweet and juicy and a beautiful colour.

Mind you, gone are the days when the reward offered for foraging and picking fruit was a piece of cake or an ice lolly - seems to be a large gin and tonic is the going rate these days lol
I sat and stoned them all, took about 47 minutes , I timed it; well worthd oing, as it makes the jam easier to eat.
Equal amounts of sugar and fruit, plus just over a pint of water, into the pot and on to a very hot Rayburn.
Bring to a really rolling boil until setting point is reached, then into hot sterilised jars (I just do mine in the oven) and leave to go cold before labelling and sealing.
It is the most beautiful colour, and has a sharp edge to it, which I like; colour and texture is reminiscent of apricot jam, so if there's any left, I can use it on the Christmas cake. Well worth the sacrifice of my gin lol


Jane and Chris said...

That looks so delicious! The only payment is a G & T? I'm usually expected to provide a meal!
Jane x

Sue xx said...

Are they native plums, Mrs L. It's a lovely haul and beautifully coloured jam.

Sue xxx

B'ham said...

Lovely !!
Something tasty to look forward to this winter...