Thursday, 21 July 2011

What's happening today ?

 .Today is nice enough outside, although it has clouded over a bit now, but dry and fresh out there. I spent a nice ten minutes at the usptairs window watching the butterflies on all the buddleias in the front garden - that was a lovely way to start the day. Main task for today is to catch up on the laundry. The tin above is full of Bean's finds; she does a lot of field walking, just around the village, and has amassed a really interesting collection of bits and pieces. Sherborne museum has a 'finds day' today, so she's going into town to get them to look at them for her. Her haul includes a beautiful, perfect flint arrowhead and a knapping flint, lots of bits of clay pipe, several unidentified things too, and some very nice pieces of stoneware/pottery she hope to have dated for her.
 The evening primroses are well out now; I love these plants, and have them all over the garden. I started my colony with a tray of 6 wee seedlings about 12 years ago now, acquired from a LETS meeting, and they do well for me. The tiny blck dots on it are thunderbugs (corn thrips) which appear at this time of year, and spend their days on these, the dog daisies and the rudbeckias. I really should make more use of them, found this: Will do some mroe research; I believe the roots can be candied. It's interesting to read hear that eating the flowers, leaves and roots should impart the same benefits as commercially produced oil - will investigate that one further!
This is this morning's harvest of sweet woodruff,  awaiting spreading out for drying; I dry a lot of things just over a simple rack (acquired from the tip seeral years ago - one of those folding shevs for mkaing more room in the larder, but ideal for this use), on top of the gentle heat from the Rayburn. One of those lovely things to do that can't be rushed. When dried, I'll use it in scented bags for linens and bedding - as well as imparting the scent of new mown hay, it is said to be a moth repellent.
Honestly, why do so many people buy  mand-made chemical products when all this is available? Beats me!

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