Tuesday, 11 October 2011

And on days like this!

Up early as cannot sleep, mind going like a washing machine on its spin cycle, as a dear friend of mine puts it, and he's quite right.
Reasons are all down to other people - again. Petty minded village politics, back stabbing, untrammelled gossip, total and utter lack of respect afforded to other people by some, broken promises,  lack of commitment, sheer nastiness.
I really don't need all of this. However, I'm sure I'll be fine in a couple of hours - the kettle is on. Mood not enhanced by the fact I managed to drop the teapot lid on the floor, so until I find one of my other teapots, will have to suffer the hated teabag-in-a-cup! I'm sure the day can only improve lol Otherwise, I  may just go back to bed...................


Simone said...

I hear you! Take a deep breath and enjoy that cup of tea!

Badger said...

People are over-rated, you are an awesome friend and if they can't see that them f*** em.