Monday, 24 October 2011

Bring it on................

I know that not everyone can cope with , or likes,  a good hard winter (for lots of very sensible and practical reasons, and I may find myself in such a situation one day, so am not knocking it at all), but I do. I believe from what I read and hear that we are in for one at least as harsh, if not more so, than the last one. For me, peace of mind and preparation are the keys, and I like to have both. Preparation is a permanent state for me in this home, getting ready for whatever lies ahead, making sure I have adequate of whatever is needed, plus a few extras ' just in case'. I have spent a lifetime gathering up relevant equipment, books, papers, ideas and experience, and now feel confident in coping with almost anything that can be thrown at me.
Where I live the weather doesn't get too bad; yes, it gets cold, but the old fashioned ways of  dealing with it see me through - good blankets, thick curtains, draughtproofing, wood fires, 24 hour stove burning, candles, oil lamps, well stocked store cupboards, happy to stay at home instead of insisting that things are ok and I really need to be somewhere. I'm looking forward to some snow, some really good cold weather for the garden and nature in general - it keeps the world in balance. I'm not keen on wind, but lying cosy in a warm bed listening to the wind holwing around the house corners is a lovely way to drop off to sleep.
Some people have said to me 'Well, you're lucky to have all that stuff, to be so well prepared, know this and that and how to get through it.......' - that sort of thing. Actually, no, not lucky; I've spent many, many years teaching myself  to be as self reliant as I can - reading, listening, talking, picking up bits of equipment over many years to spread the cost, watching and learning by my own and others' mistakes, not relying on outside resources - power, light etc. I know it's not for everybody for lots of reasons, but it's the way my life has evolved so far, and I couldn't think of living my life any other way now. It's as far from the 'microwave mentality' - where people want things instantly and aren't prepared to work at them or for them  over time -  in all sense of the word as you could get.


mrsnesbitt said...

I'm with you on this one Sarah - both hubby 7 I keep saying "Bring it on" when we hear weather predictions for the winter - so we can pout the Rayburn through its paces. Warming good food is the answer here - so the freezer is getting filled - not with bread and milk either, yes bring it on - we will cabin up as we say round here.

Sue said...

Good for you.I really enjoy your blog and am with you all the way on being self sufficient and taking responsibility for oneself.It's empowering and the best way to be in these difficult times. Best Wishes from Sue

Blue Shed Thinking said...

Just ordered shoe grips for me & Howard from Amazon. Howard has snow tyres for the bike on order. Thinking of suggesting he looks into getting a pushbike sidecar in case the trains pack up.

The house isn't too much of a worry - it's well insulated and we only have the heating on for a short while. I'm more bothered about my desk at work. Sit in front of a single layer uninsulated bay window. May stock up on pain relief stick on heat patches and instant chai from the Indian supermarket to get me through.

pancake said...


Sorry to hijack this thread but could you tell me how long it takes to have my membership activated on the creative living forum? username is pancake & I joined on saturday

Many thanks

MrsL said...

Hi Helen,

Sorry about that, seems to be a glith somewhere. Have been in and manually activated it for you, so it should be fine now. If any more problems, just shout :)


pancake said...

Yep all seems sorted now thank you

Calendula Sue said...

I try to be as prepared as possible. My parents were generally prepared for most things. I got more serious about being prepared after I witnessed men fighting over petrol and people fighting over bread and loo rolls when there was a petrol shortage or something? about 10 years ago. I thought then if there's ever a situation like that again I don't want to have to go out there.
I don't mind having to stay in during bad weather the worst thing is, you are expected to carry on as normal. I think if your job is not essential it should be ok to take a day or so off to leave the roads clearer for people that do have to travel. My brother travels to different places everyday although is job is not that essential he has been told he must try and drive for 4 hours whatever the weather before he can call in to say he can't make it in, by which time he will probably have to drive 6 to 7 hrs in terrible conditions like last year to get home again.