Tuesday, 25 October 2011


...........   just goes on in the background, like a permanent sound track to my life lol I do lots of other craft work too, but knitting is a constant - never far from my hands, always something on the needles to pick up and take with me, or sit with whilst at the computer. One of the loves of my life is knitting for others, and this is the latest one for a friend. Another hat, in North Ronaldsay wool, rapidly becoming wool of choice for this knitter! It really is lovely to knit with, and a rare breed that needs mor publicity and getting folk to use to ensure the future of the breed. Sadly, not the only breed that is under threat. I have a post to do for my knitting blog  http://figheade.blogspot.com/ on rare breeds, so will expand and expound upon it all over there. In the mean time, I took delivery a few weeks ago of some rather lovely Soay fleece that is heading towards the Ashford when the first part of Project Bear is complete;  a long term aim, just for myself, is to spin skeins of rare breeds for my own records. The rare breeds wools really are special to work with - anyone else go for them too?

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Calendula Sue said...

I have just started knitting again after a 20 year break. Don't know what happened, children just grew up and didn't want knitted things for a while. Recently I just thought I need something to do at night when it's too dark for much else. Anyway all the wool shops here have gone :(
I brought some baby wool locally and it was awful knitted up like a pan scrubber. ended up undoing it and will add it to the crochet blanket.
I wouldn't mind trying some rare breed wool if you could tell us where we can buy it.