Thursday, 23 February 2012

10 influential books

These are mine :D (no particular order) ; there are a lot more, I may post some up later, but these are the important ones for me :)

What are yours?

Johanna Paungger - The Art of Timing

John Seymour - Self Sufficiency

John Lane - Timeless Simplicity

William Coperthwaite - A Handmade Life

Bob Flowerdew - Companion Planting

Satish Kumar - You are, therefore I am

Masanobu Fukuoka - The One Straw REvolution

Tom Hodgkinson - How to be Free

Thoreau - Walden

Emerson - Self Reliance

1 comment:

Quirky Apple said...

Hmmm, need to think about that one. HFW Meat book, Elizabeth Zimmermans Opiniated Knitter and the mostly fiction I think...will be back.