Monday, 6 February 2012

If everyone with a garden could do this.........

......... or even just a bit of this

- imagine the difference that would make?
I'm encouraging and sowing wild flowers and grasses in the wee orchardhere, it looks beautiful in summer, and is full of insects, full of life. I want to do more out the front too I think, so will try and get to that this spring.
Have you got room for a bit of the wild in your garden, or do you already have some?
Have a look here for inspiration:


Julia said...

I have a patch that used to be an overgrown rose garden that I turned in to a wild, bee-friendly patch. It's right next to my pottery studio behind the house, and I enjoy the nectar loving visitors I get - hummingbirds, butterflies, and moths, as well as all types of bees.

MrsL said...

That's brilliant :) wish more folk would do the same. sadly, a lot of people view this sort fo gardening as 'untidy' or some such and are afraid of what others may think. Go for it is what I think!