Monday, 6 February 2012

More on cut flowers


Down by the sea said...

Thanks for finding such interesting articles. I think as you suggest in your previous post we should try growing more flowers. I have been trying to pick something each week from the garden since Christmas. The flowers might not be as large as a bunch of flowers but you appreciate it more.

MrsL said...

Even a single stem of something is special, and I think you take time to really see it more closely, study it and appreciate it more. I like something like that on the table by the computer here, just to be with me. If it's from your own garden, or picked by you from a hedgerow etc, it's even more special. Doesn't ahve to be flowers- the winter greenery is stunning in its simplicity at first sight, but study it closely and its stunning in its complexity. Winter flowers are some of the most beautiful I think.