Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Garden in the Clouds

I've just finished this book, and can honestly say it's one of the best books I've ever read; superbly written, hugely entertaining, poignant, hopeful, optimistic, completely mad. Wondderul. One of only 3 books that have actually made me laugh out loud.  Even if you're not actually interested in gardening, there is so much to be got from it - railway carriages and mountains, gates and beekeeping, human nature, joy and sorrow. Anything is possible. Read it.


Leanne said...

I popped across to amazon to read the reviews. it sounds fab- ive added it to my wishlist!

Leanne x

Quilting Cat said...

I rad this a while ago and loved it, also Propellerhead by him, not into hanglindig but it made me laugh.

greenrabbit said...

I just read this, having got it from the library, which was selling it off. I too enjoyed it, but would somehow have liked more background to his story. What was the point in it all?

MrsL said...

The point was to make the garden - against all advice, against all odds, against all 'good advice' I suppose. The book is about his unfailing determination that it could be done, and the passion and commitment behindhis goal. I'm not sure there was more background - they sold up and moved there is pretty much it I think!
One of life's inspiring books for me.


I think it would make a very good film, in the right hands :)