Saturday, 26 May 2012

MrsL's property of the week - part the second

 I put up a link and a couple of pics of the property posted below on Facebook,  which elicited some interesting responses, not all expected.

I look at this home, and this home has soul. It has integrity. It sits well in its place in the land. It holds the secrets of hundreds of years within the fabric of its walls. It speaks to me in a way that very few houses anywhere have ever done. That is what attracts me to it - not the colour of the Aga or the kitchen units, not whether it's big or small, not whether it would cost a King's ransom to heat...............
When something this special appeals, all these thoughts and more - the practical, grown-up realities of property ownership, shall we call them - never even enter my head. They can be addressed if deemed necessary, but I for one would rather live there and be cold in the winter and really not give a toss about the colour of the Aga, than live in a place that did nothing for my heart and soul. Priorities I suppose, but my inner self is more important to me than my physical being. Inner happiness is paramount, happiness of the heart and peace of the soul.

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