Friday, 18 May 2012

Pleasant way to spend an hour on a Friday afternoon

Get hold of your local paper, sit down with a big mug of good coffee and turn to the property pages :)  These days a lot of the properties are online, so you can peruse the insides of the houses, see the gardens, and cast a critical eye (lol) over their decor.  My local paper turned up this wee gem this afternoon - I tell you, if I had the money this would be mine, it's just lovely. Would have liked a few photos of the garden, but if the house is anything to go  by.................


Blue Shed Thinking said...

Guilty as charged!

But with me it's Welsh smallholdings and farms.

Current dream home is on the Evans of Lampeter site - in need of redecorating (especially the bright yellow paintwork) but the slate countered larder is worth the eyestrain.

mrsnesbitt said...

Me too! Love it. We are thinking about our retirement plans right now......dont think hubby will ever retire - once an engineer always an engineer...but it's fun looking!

Julie said...

Oops! Me too

Current fav. Just love that kitchen. It overlooks a huge village pond too.