Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday afternoon in the garden

It was like midsummer in The Vale this afternoon, so I spent a few hours outisde; watered the greenhouses - things are really doing well, and there'll be much potting on needing to be done this coming week, some for my garden, some for selling at the gate. I just sat a lot too, soaking up the warmth and sunshine, listening to the birds and myriad bussing insects out and about their daily doings. Just coming into flower now are some of my absolute favourites, the aquilegias; I picked a few for the kitchen table, and there are a lot more to come of all hues,singles and doubles, darks and lights, dramatic and understaed - it's all there in the aquilegia family. Love them.


MelMel said...

It's been so sunny today...perfect for spending time in the garden!x

Down by the sea said...

Lovely flowers they seed all over my garden too and you neverknow how they will turn out.
Sarah x