Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Eggy update

Thought I'd bring you up to speed Very Happy

Lilith the Goth Muscovy duck is hopefully broody enough to sit on the Shetland duck eggs in a separate wee house, they're unerher now, so keeping fingers crossed for that, will see how it goe.

I candled the Dumpy eggs again tonight and removed two - totally empty inside, so assume infertile. A third one is very different to the others, am thinking it might be 'dead in shell' but have left it in there for now. The remaining nine look exactly as they should do at this time, and are due to hatch over the next 2 -3 days I hope. The Dumpy does carry the fatal gene, though, risking loss of 25% of hatching chicks, so literally not counting my chickens. Will be thrilled to bits with any successful hatching they all manage. The incubator is off its cradle now and the bars out, all ready Very Happy , the brooder is on standby too.

This is how the 9 look tonight :)  (pic from http://www.nzfarmstays.com/candle.html)

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