Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Autumnal thoughts

Well and truly into autumn here now - we've had the equinoxal gales the past few days, and some torrential rain very early yesterday, but not had it as bad as others. The sun is out and bright againt oday, it's lovely out there, even with the seasonal nip in the air, which I love  :)
Lots of seasonal jobs to catch up on - the last of the fruit to pick in the garden  which I'm grateful for as it's not been a good year at all for it. Will be off out in a wee while to walk round and get the last of it  safely in I have hops to pick from the bines too

Not sure if there'll be any more chutney, I really have enough to see me through another year - one of the autumn jobs is to sort through the preserves cupboard and see what needs using up, rotating, etc.
Kindling needs to be amassed ready for the woodburner, looks like that will be down to me as well, but that's ok, a slowly taking back the reins after being ill, and it feels better with each bit of work I reclaim.
Today I want to try making mascarpone cheese and I need to clear out the fridge and see what's what in there and cook what's needed to be cooked and used, clean the sheves etc.
Sadly I lost one of the wee ducks overnight; not sure why, but like with chickens, could be anythng at all; will need to get him buried in a bit find a nice spot for him. The chicks are ensconced hopefully safely in the greenhouse for now.
As usual, lots of tidying and de-cluttering to do - wonder if I'll ever get it all done? Not looking likely lol - too much temptation to just sit and knit; I need to get more stock into my online shop too. Think another day in the week is in order lol

Just a  little note to thank all my followers too - it's very much appreciated, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Back later with a mascarpone report  I hope!


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