Friday, 28 September 2012

Frugal Friday - chicken

A decent size free-range chicken really is a good buy and can be used frugally and wring every ounce of foody goodness out of it.  This week's chicken waas cooked on Tuesday, and 1 1/2 f the breasts were chopped and put into a lovely leek and chicken pie, using some rather elderly  puf pastry I found in the freezer, so that used that up :)  This afternoon I have stripped the carcass thoroughly, and chopped up enough meat for three adult portions of curry

Quite a frugal curry as usual, a chicken korma tonight for a change - easy and cheap as everything is alrady int eh store cupboard, and I have cream in the fridge for butter making so will take a few tbsp from that to finish the curry; will be served with boiled rice and naan bread.
After the curry was catered for, there was enough left for two round of granary chicken mayonnaise sandwiches, and enough wee bits for the sou - the carcass will be on the stove after supper, then potatoes and leeks added with the chicken scraps, plenty of black pepper, to amke a big pot of good soup for over the weekend.
The chicken cost £9.06 - 4 adult portions of chicken and leek pie, 3 adult curries, 2 rounds sandwiches and the base for about 4 pints of good soup. That's what I call good value :)

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