Thursday, 6 September 2012


Latest adddition to the menagerie :)  These are rare breed Shetland ducks, and 4 have hatched over the past couple of days. Duckling number 5 has appeared tonight, a couple of hours ago, and is drying off and sleeping in the incubator with the last egg. The last egg shows no signs of pipping, and there was one that looked a bit iffy when I candled them last, so I won't be surprised if nothing comes of that one. However, I'm thrilled to bits to have 5 strong and healthy ducklings hatch out of 6 eggs on only my second attempt at hatching - the first one being a few weeks ago with the Scots Dumpy chicks who will be 6 weeks old this weekend; I'll take some up to date photos of them tomorrow. In the meanwhile, these are way off the cuteness scale, they really are lol


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Sue xx said...

I love them...well done Mummy Duck xxx