Monday, 3 September 2012

Never a dull Monday...........

 - there's a song in there somewhere lol

It eventually turned into a nice day here with sunshine, I had the top half of the back door open most of the day. Must admit I didn't do too much really but that's ok, it'll still be there tomorrow. Talked a lot to the chicks - 5 weeks old now

I started my new book which arrived, recommended to me,   promising to be an engrossing tale from what I've read so far
The first three of the Shetland duck eggs have pipped in the incubator, so will be a late night just keeping an eye on them - if I go to bed at all!
I made red flannel hash for supper, one of my favourites, with baked beans and poached egg, will put up my recipe in on the Kitchen in the Vale page.
There is half a large fermenting bucket of Victoria plums sitting looking expectantly at me, newly harvested, but they will wait until tomorrow for sorting and processing. I'm pleased, as I thought it was an exceptionally poor year for them, turns out it looks ok. Possibly some spiced plum chutney on the cards for winter presents and bartering I think.
My Piecework CD (containg a year's worth of issues) was returned by my daughter, so I may well watch some of that this evening too.
Never a dull Monday, there is always something interesting going on :)

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