Monday, 8 October 2012

Simple food

More often than not, simple is best; Definitely the case with tonight's supper - boiled bacon with parsely sauce, buttery mash and cabbage. Teh secret to good simple cooking is the ingredients - always get the very best you can buy or grow or otherwise acquire. Quality is everything. The bacon here is a bit of home cured pork from a friend's wild boar X pig, which I bought half of recently. The taste really is something else. Real butter and full cream milk in the sauce and plenty of fresh parsley (full of iron), butter, top of the milk and salt in the mash, cabbage cooked through but still slightly crunchy in as little water as possible. Yes,  it's real butter and full cream milk, but a little goes a long way with veg, and makes all the difference.
I first had this in Ireland about 7years ago, in a pub for Sunday lunch; I make it occasionally now but it should really be on the menu more often I think.

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Eco Gites of LĂ©nault said...

Mmmmmmm - one of my Top 10 favourite meals ... and my bloomin' cabbages were a failure this year :-(