Friday, 12 October 2012

Starting to bite?

I think it is now, yes, the efffects of global warming and climate change are becoming apparent at the supermarket checkout and food shops apparently

Bad in some ways, good in that it might finally wake folk up to what is going to happen in the really not too distant future. Sadly, this was all being discuused over 30 years ago, back in the 70s when I was growing up and just becoming aware of ecology/environment/food/global issues. Seems we haven't really moved very far forward at all.

I am trying to do all I can to build resiliance into my life in all sorts of ways - storing seed, buying bulk grains and flour, keeping a well-stocked store of everything, (not just food) saving money, etc.  I predict tough times ahead, not an 'end of world' scenario (well, not yet anyway!), but tough, globally,  in our daily lives of just putting food on the table, getting enough water for our needs and yes, basic survival. It's scary stuff, but I won't be the one with my head in the sand. Your kitchen table might look pretty, but you can't eat Kath Kidston mugs and a cupboard full of gadgets. It's time for priorities now, in all areas of home life.
What will you do?

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Anonymous said...

I quite agree with your statement Sarah, I have had a feeling we are heading for bad times for a long time now. I look around at folk and think how will they cope. They have no idea of how to take care, cook with very little or make do and mend anything. It's a case of go buy whatever they need. I will really shake things up a bit. It will be chaotic as they all trample each other for the food on the shelves, not giving a damn about those most in need. Younger generation's have no idea about growing food or proper cooking at all. If they can't get a signal on their mobiles how will they order their meals.....