Monday, 26 November 2012

New forum on self-reliance

Long story short,  am shutting down Creative Living forum after over 7 years; it's been good, but recently has gradually evolved into something which is not what was intended, and getting quite diluted. Others have gone off to start their own, while I am getting more back to what I originally started out with - take a look and feel free to join if you like, or just read. The whole point is to build up a valuable resource to make us all less dependent on others in our  home lives, whether the shtf or not



Sue xx said...

Mrs L I've forgotten my password and couldn't get in last week when you changed providers, pretty sure I'm coffee(e) there too, do you think you can help please please please?

MrsL said...

This is a completely new forum Sue; I'm closing down Creative Living, it had got too far away from it original ethos. It's splitting into two now - my one here, more practical/information/help etc on being self reliant and some others are starting a more chatty bit more informal one, but that's not up and running yet. There's still Chat and a laugh on the new one though, it'll never be stuffy and boring lol

Suggest you go to the linkin the post here and register - would be lovely to see you there :) Willlook out for you

Sue xx said...

Ooo Goody, off to have a gander
xxx Thank you