Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Kitchen days

Some days I seem to spend all on kitchen stuff- not that I mind, I just wonder where the time goes. Yesterday was one of those days - lots of wee jobs to get done to stop things going off, get thingsmovedout of the way, used up, etc.
First up was getting the pickling onions into brine, all done now and will be into vinegar by the end of today.

Next was slicing onions into rings for a first try at drying them. I laid them out o a rack over the cooler end of the Rayburn, and by this morning they were ready for storage; I 'd like to get a few jars done for the store room so will tackle some more later today or tomorrow - very pleased with these

I got two big roots of ginger last week as well; some for preserved ginger, and some to immerse in a jar of honey with lemon to make a home-made cough/throat medicine - one that was doing the rounds on the net a couple of months ago. It's been soaking for 24 hours now, and is ready for it first simmering this afternoon.
Intersperesed with washing up, tidying, internet and cups of tea, that's where my day seems to have gone on wee fiddly peeling and slicing jobs!
Today sees me continuing with the ginger and pickled onions making that medicine, paperwork and making venison pasties for supper, and an apple crumble; there is a chicken in the fridge to finish stripping and a brace of pheasants to deal with too.
Just as well I like my kitchen!
No snow here at all yet, but it is cold, so the Rayburn is turned up for most of the day while I'm in here, and I'm wearing a shawl, as a terrible accident befell my good thick Celtic jumper when I inadvertently sent it through the 60 degree wash with a load of tea towels lol  Needless to say it will be made into something else, but I will dig the pattern out and knit a new one as I was very fond of it :)
The sun is shining out there, looks  beautiful, but............ I've had the top gate open the apst week or so, and all the birds can come and go as they please for now over the winter garden; it will get a total re-vamp in the spring, so they're welcome to what they canfind there. The Scots Dumpies and the Setland ducks have integrated very well, so I have no worries on that score. The biggest and oldest (by one day ) cockerel out the three is crowing very well now, and is called Geordie after my grandfather; he is teaching one of the others and he's coming along nicely - that's  Wee Donald. The thrid cock hasn't crowed yet but he will! The hens are doing fine, likewise the ducksand i'm thrilled to bits with my first forays into hatching and rearing.
Off to put the kettle on now, hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the snow if it's your sort of thing :)

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