Monday, 3 December 2012

Gin and tonic cupcakes

Cake and gin in one - what's not to like?

6oz butter
6oz sugar
6oz self raising flour
2 large eggs
one lemon -juice and zest of half, shred rest for decoration
tub of mascarpone cheese
icing sugar

Beat the butter with the sugar then add in the beaten eggs. Add the flour gradually, giving a stiff doughy mixture; add gin to give a loose dropping consistency, add in zest and juice,  beat well together. Divide between ten muffin cases in a tin and bake in a hot oven until well risen and golden.
Transfer to wire rack to cool.
Whilst cooling, make icing by sieving icing sugar and mixing with the mascarpone. Make a gin and tonic, and when the cakes are cool, prick well with fork and drizzle over 2 tbsp of g&t per cake. Add a little g&t to the icing, making sure it's not too runny, top the cakes with it and decorate with lemon zest shreds. Put feet up and enjoy with the leftover g&t because you made it FAR too large to all be used in the cakes, didn't you?  ;)   lol



Sue xx said...

This isn't a grumble but I'm finding it really hard to read the right-hand side of your page now, have just linked at the DTE forum to your gifts list you're in bed lol

MrsL said...

I know, it still needs sorting, sorry. Is on the eternal list lol