Saturday, 13 July 2013


There's recently been a campaign or three on Facebook in response to the removal of the traditional and proper Scrabble game that I used to play  online. It's been replaced by a cartoony version that a child would hate, never mind an adult. Dumbing down at it worst.  The decision and implementation of the 'new improved' game has caused a huge backlash with many people freely giving hours a d hours of their time to e-mail, write, organise petitions, etc, in an effort  to get the game changed back to its previous form. I won't play the new game, I think it's horrendous.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it seems to have fallen on deaf ears sadly.
Not only that, any shred of human compassion seems to have gone out of the window.  I never cared about my stats and scores particularly, they were just there if I wanted to see them. Much more important to me was the human element - the contact with strangers, often on the other side of the world; friendships were made, many of them lasting, and I've met up with a couple of players over the past few years. \it filled many an empty hour over my recent long stay in hospital, often in the middle of a sleepless night. I could come online and there would be someone somewhere to play, chat to, and catch up with. It went far, far beyond 'good luck' and 'how's your weather?'
I miss my daily Scrabble, the challenge of the game, the banter, the laughs, the sharing and caring with fellow humans wherever they happened to live.
Today was the Scrabbleathon - organised on Facebook to get protesters to play a game or two wherever they live, to publicise the decision to change the game, and to highlight the campaign to have our beloved and proper game returned. Due to unforeseen family commitments, I was unable to attend or organise a public event, but I am playing a game against myself, much  in the spirit of everyone involved. It's been great fun all the way through, and I take my hat off to those who have worked so hard to get us all this far. Fingers crossed for the outcome we want - will report back as and when.
In the meantime, why not dust off your board and have a game ?


Anonymous said...

Nicely written MrsL.

From Cat :-)

Ali said...

Never played the FB version as I knew it would suck up my time!! But big Scrabble fans here, we even took a travel version camping last week.

Hope the high heid yins at FB listen

Ali xxx

MrsL said...

Thanks for the comments :) The campaign continues..........