Monday, 8 July 2013

Smallholder show, Ardingly

Went to this yesterday with a couple of friends. Baking hot day, bit too hot for me, rally, but had a good time. Bought some herbs, cheese, fleece and bits.  Would have liked to see more animals and 'muddy boots' bits, but was enjoyable. Highlight of the day for me was choosing two sheep to be shorn and buying the fleeces to bring home. The lad was only asking £2 per fleece, but that is really nowhere near the mark, and I was happy to pay £10 for the two, felt privileged to choose and be able to buy such good wool straight from the producer, lovely Poll Dorset. It's been added to the pile.........................

Here's a few photos from the day


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Carol Dent said...

Oh, I loved Ardingly show! In fact, it was visiting that smallholder show, (and eating ewe milk icecream) that changed our lives from suburbia in Surrey to a move to France. We grow our own veg and fruit, keep sheep, chickens and turkeys and have kept pigs. It's only red tape stopping us keeping pigs now, and sadly, the EU regs are making many little mini smallholders give up with the larger stock. Still, plenty of eggs from the hens!

Also - congrats for giving the shearer more for the fleece - it is SUCH hard work!