Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Blackcurrant swirl 'ice cream'

A foray into the fridge resulted in the discovery of several cartons of yoghurt, well past their 'sell by' and 'best before' dates - not that I take any notice of them.........  I ate the rhubarb and ginger sheep milk yoghurt for lunch, was lovely.  I love sheep milk yoghurt, it's very different to that made with cow's milk. There were two small tubs of natural sheep yoghurt and half of a large carton of goat milk yoghurt, they got tipped into a bowl with a pot of mascarpone and whisked with a fork. I found the 4th punnet of blackcurrants (that I couldn't find when I was making jam the other day), so gently stewed them with some sugar and a splash of water, then passed it through a sieve to make a coulis. This was swirled into the yoghurt mixture, and it's now in the freezer. It looks really pretty, and a quick spoon dipping suggests it's going to taste good too - the gentle creaminess of the yoghurts and mascarpone offset by the sharpness of the fruit. Looking forward to this one :)


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Simone said...

Such a simple and effective way to make ice cream. I bet it will taste yummy too!