Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Leave them alone..............

- wasps that is.

They do very little harm to humans really, it makes me angry and upset when I see someone killing them, or reading about killing them, suggestions for getting rid of them, trapping them, etc. I was having lunch in a pub recently when an old man sitting in the window seat beside the open  window killed two in the space of five minutes, just because they had the perceived audacity to actually come in through the window. Agree, they can be a bit of a nuisance, especially in the kitchen, but they are about this time of year, early autumn, it's what they do. My kitchen is full of good things they like at this time of year - chutney on the stove, jam cooling, wine glasses............ I'll shoo them away yes, but I cover up what I don't want them to get at, and will gently fish them out of anything they happen to fall in, and take them outside and gently put them on the wall until they are fully recovered. There, they will go on to eat  my ripening plums, my apples and other fruit, but they need to surv Yes they can sting, but don't annoy them and they won't annoy you. There is never, ever any excuse for killing them in my house. Leave them be to take their place in nature.

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Shropshire Girl said...

Agreed, I was very put out by my colleague last week pouring boiling water on an ants nest that was well away from everybody - just because it was there.