Saturday, 31 August 2013

Plums and buses

Several years ago I planted a yellow plum tree just outside the kitchen window; I bought it in Lidl, labelled as a yellow plum. Being a big fan of yellow plum jam, I bought it, and have been waiting for it to fruit, which it has this year. Except it's not a yellow plum, it's a greengage :)  Certainly not a problem, greengages are my very favourite stone fruit, so quite happy with that.

And the buses?  Well, for years I've hankered after a perpetual calendar, but never got around to acquiring one. Now I have two, in as many days - just like buses, all come along at once. I got  one from the wonderful Molly's Den vintage warehouse, the other from a local animal charity shop.  I really can't decide between them for now, so will hang on to both for the foreseeable future.


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