Monday, 2 September 2013

Not a scarf........................

One of the classes in the upcoming County Show is for a handwoven article; handwoven article usually results in most of the entries being scarves. I was so determined not to weave a scarf of any kind!  So I wove a wee wallhanging. I love it, and I'll keep it afterwards. I highly doubt if it will get placed in the show as there will be much more professional and technically perfect/more complicated entries than this, but I enjoyed making it and I wanted something a wee bit different to show. Maybe they'll hate it.............  lol

It was woven on my smallest peg loom, only 8 pegs across, using a gorgeous commercial yarn called Bolivia which I couldn't resist buying although I had nothing specific in mind for it (I still have plenty left!). I added some beads and a decorated glass drop at the bottom and hung the outer warps over an elder twig from the garden. The whole thing is very 'me' :)

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