Sunday, 8 September 2013

Show results

At the risk of boring you all to death lol (don't  worry, it's all over now!), here are my results from the show.

First for - soft toy for child under 6 months, first for picallili
Second for loaf of bread, second for  handknitted pullover
Third for handknitted Fair Isle hat
Highly commended for lemon curd
Commended for shortbread, commended for skein of handspun

Delighted with what I won, there were over 2,200 entries inn the homecraft classes, and the competition was very tough indeed; my stuff stood up very well among it all though, considering it was the whole of Dorset, and that was what it was about for me really; the judges left some nice comments both on the prize winning entries and others. I came away with £18 in prize money and the steward went home with the knitted sheep for her new grandson and the lemon curd for herself.
I can't praise the people involved in organising the whole thing highly enough, made what could have been a very daunting experience  a complete joy to be part of.


Sue said...

Wow, well done :-)

Shropshire Girl said...

Well done that's really good!