Saturday, 16 November 2013

Boxes of books

Today I took a box of books to another box of books :)  The ongoing downsizing includes a radical overhaul of  my book collection; I sorted out a load that I will never read/read again and boxed them up and took them over the hill to Bingham's Melcombe (or it could have been Melcombe Bingham, not sure which one!) and popped them on to the shelves in their fabulous little telephone box library there.

It looks very much like this one in a photo from the BBC website

I tidied up the shelves a bit and left a couple of dozen books.  I came away with some Terry Pratchett books for a friend and a brand new still sealed 10 CD set of Ella Fitzgerald. Good result I think :)


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Sue xx said...

isn't it a great idea?