Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Blewbury Tart

Not a pudding, but a snowdrop. I bought this several years ago at Snape Cottage, when I went on a very cold Sunday to look round at the collections of snowdrops and hellebores grown there.  I only bought one plant, but wanted it to be special and went for Blewbury Tart, a variety discovered in Oxfordshire back in 1975.  A distinguishing feature is its propensity to hold the flower heads more erect than other snowdrops; it's a very pretty double.  It has taken a long time to establish here, and ironically I will be digging it up after flowering, to pot u in the green and move it with me to my new garden, where I hope it may flourish and be happier.



Dartford Warbler said...

That`s a very pretty snowdrop. I hope it moves well and is happy in your new garden.

MrsL said...

Am sure it'll be fine with a bit of tlc. Next on the snowdrop list is the yellow one I think. I just like something a little different as well as millions of more common flowers. Am enjoying the research, and have started a garden book for names of plants, pictures and inspiration :)