Saturday, 22 February 2014

River Cottage Canteen Axminster

I went down to Axminster this afternoon for tea and cake at the River Cottage Canteen; can thoroughly recommend it.  Lovely place, pleasant and helpful, friendly staff, excellent food. We had a big pot of tea (4 generous cups) and two slices of parsnip, apricot and walnut cake ( will be trying this at home, nice change from the usual carrot cake) for under £!0, which is pretty good value these days. I don't mind paying a bit more for good food and drink, it's when it's crap that I get annoyed!  I then fell foul of the deli counter, conveniently situated by the door lol  Came out with some smoked goat's cheddar, some Beenleigh Blue and a decent sized lump of my all-time favourite Sharpham Rustic ewe's milk cheese, plus four bottle of beer from the Town Mill Brewery n Lyme Regis - Ven and Revenge, both excellent.

Earlier in the day I had breakfast out ( had a lovely break from cooking today :)  ) at the Engine Room at Poundbury -  cheese on toast and a large cappuccino.  Bargain of the day here - a beautiful gold-laced polyanthus for only £2 in the garden centre, was so pleased with that. :)

After that we found a really good antiques/vintage place, where I picked up some useful bargains - the two herbal books were only £1 each, knitting needles 30p a pair, the wee pastry cutter £4. I couldn't resist the little purple heart necklace at only £4 too. So much beauty and loveliness for not many pennies at all.  I added in a very useful vintage knitting pattern for gloves at 20 p.  I am now hoping to be able to save up for the antique French cupboard I fell inn love with, for my new home.  I know I'll go back there again when I have some more spare cash

 intended to go to the Hive Café at Burton Bradstock, but it was stowed out, so had half an hour of very fresh sea air to replenish me before heading off to Axminster.



Ian Hicken said...

That sounds like a perfect day out. Bargains along the way. I wholeheartedly agree with you about paying for good quality food.

Emily Walsh said...

Hi there! Just got done checking your blog and had a quick question. I was hoping you could email me whenever you get the chance, thanks!

Emily : )

MrsL said...

Can't find how to e-mail you? What's your question Emily?