Friday, 15 February 2008

Meet Larry and Mr Speckles

Two of my Muscovy drakes - the third one Nathan was off doing ducky things at the time, so missed the photo opportunity!


kathyann said...

Do you have ducks as well as the drakes, mmmmm I'm just thinking baby ducklings!!!Ilove to see all the young birds and animals out and about in their family groups in spring!More photo's for your blog!!Love from Kathyann and the girls

MrsL said...

Hi Kathyann,
I have 3 Muscovy ducks and 3 Muscovy drakes, 3 Runner drakes and 3 Runner ducks, plus one little Call Drake and one Khaki Campbell duck - I think that's them all! Plus of course, 9 hens and 1 cokcerel of my own, and tow hens having a winter holiday here. I'm not geared up for ducklings really, and have enough to cope with at the moment, but you never know!!