Friday, 15 February 2008

Where's it going?

Just over half way through the month, seems to be going fast, hurtling towards spring..........chilly and windy, dull and overcast hare this morning, might be mizzling too. Forecast for weekend is dry at least, though. Celebrated St Valentine's day with OTT card, expensive chocolates, take-away curry and a new mattress!! usual Friday goings on here today, and really must get on with some neglected housework. Having given my intention to stand down from teh ahll commitee, that will take a lot of work and responsibility away, so should have more time for home things. Still umming and ahing about the Parish Council, though, needs more thought. I really want to get on of house and garden by the spring, but not sure if that would be possible for anyone, let alone me, bad housewife that I am. Ah well, more tea.

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