Monday, 11 February 2008


I have the house to myself for now; Bean has gone into town on the bus (first time by herself), and EJ is off round the lanes on his bike, so I'm eating cheesecake and skiving on the computer............Have done a bit this morning, though! Such a beautiful day out there, I hope to get out for a bit later on. Bed made, soap on the go (waiting to trace), eggs boiling, washing in and out and away. Hoping to get the marmalade under way and clean the bathroom too, then the walls in EJ's room prior to painting it this week.
My books arrived from the wonderful Aphrohead books - Distributis perspectives (essays on the economics of justice and charity) and Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth by Andrew Simms and Joe Smith. Looking forward to them both, it's all Tom Hodgkinson's fault :0)

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kathyann said...

With the gorgeous weather we are having,I too have been trying to get lots more done! It really makes me want to be out in the garden except we just have a yard and pots at the moment!much more washing has been done and hung out ,more rubbish cleared and taken to the tip!We are on the last jar of marmalade so i'll have to get some more made!The only thing with getting new books you are torn between having a good read with a brew or getting out in the sunshineMmMmmm!Love from Kathyann and the girls