Sunday, 2 March 2008


March is the first month of Spring. He is Nature's old forester, going through the woods and dotting the trees with green, to mark out the spots where the future elaves are to be hung. the sun throws a godlen glory over the eastern hills, as the village-clock from the ivy-covered tower tolls six, gilding the hands and the figures that were scarcely visible two hours later a week ago. The streams now hurry along with a rapid motion. as if they.....were eager to rush along the green meadow-lands, to tell the flowers it is time to awaken.

From Chambers Book of Days, 1864

I love March; according to my own personal calendar, the end of February/beginning of March is the start of spring, so it's here now - glorious day here, so hoping to be outside for most of it, working on tidying up the front garden.

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