Wednesday, 5 March 2008


One very satisfying aspect of my life is finding uses for things discarded by others - furniture, books, fabric, craft things, for the garden - anything really. Much nicer than buying new, the things already have a history attached to them, worn in and used/loved, and I am happy and priveleged to give them a new home. Recent acquisitions have been a wash stand and fabric. I bought the little washstand at the tip - cost 10.00; the most I've ever paid for something there! I knew I'd regret it if I came home without it, so here it is. I'ts Edwardian, and I was told it's lost a lot of its value as it's been painted, but I'm not interested in monetary value, I just love the little thing. The towel rails ( would have been either brass or wood) are missing fromthe sides, but I don;t need them. I will remove the top, though, as it's not original, and will fit better under the window, and I'll paint it in a pretty apple green I think, and treat it to some new knobs on the drawer. The cupboard has keyholes, but no handles/knobs, so will have a look at what can be done there.

These fabrics came from the scrap store; there is enough of the brown to make a skirt and possibly a jacket too - the picture here doesn't really do it justice. Then there are two small pieces of linen, with naive/Medieval style animals and plants on - destined for a small cushion ocver I think. The rest is to go into the stash cupboard for patchwork/quilting.


Sharon J said...

I love the Medieval fabric and the washstand was a real bargain at a tenner!

Our recycling centre doesn't sell stuff to visitors; they take it to the bootmarket and sell it there, which isn't much use to me as I can't get there on a Wednesday morning.

MrsL said...

That's a shame - I think every tip/recycling centre should sell the good stuff on. I very rarely buy anything new now, we just wait for it to appear, and have had some real bargains. I give the lads a big box of biscuits at Christmas as they're so helpful. Shame the money goes to the recycling company and not into the lads' and lasses' pockets, though, I feel they really deserve it.

Sharon J said...

That's nice of you, to give them biscuits. I'm sure they really appreciate that.

I think I'll have to look into this more once I'm feeling fitter. If everybody can take stuff to the recycling centre then everybody should have the same opportunity to buy things from there too.

Leanne said...

fab cupboard sarah! i would have paid a tenner for it too, well worth it. i like the mediaeval fabric too, very nice!
Leanne x

kathyann said...

Lovin the cupboard,what a bargain!
Scrap stores are great, we have a really good one up here that I go to regularly!Beth and her friend come with me sometimes to get things for their art and design coursework for school!The last lot of fabrics I got were quite cottagey some were like tapestries, you could use them on either side for curtains or wall hangings!Mmmm I'm feeling another trip coming on lol !
Love from Kathyann and the girls