Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Blog rationalisation!!!

I have decided to decant all my various blogs into one blog - this one; so from now on expect the gardening, sewing, knitting bits etc to all appear here - you lucky people, hahahahahaha :0) The others will be deleted I think.

Here's the current knitting, although the green socks are finished now, and the pram blanket has arrived at its destination. I finished a hat, but not happy with it, so will pull it back and do something different I think.


Pixiedust said...

Hello and welcome back. Just wondering how I visit your forum? clicked on the link at the side and get directed a page called forumer?

MrsL said...

Hi pixiedust,

Not sure what happened to that - it was working before. I've put a new one in at the top of the list that's working. Shout if it isn'tthough! You'll see some familiar names there.

Pixiedust said...

Thanks Mrsl I've registered. xx

MrsL said...

I've activated your account - look forward to seeing you over there.