Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Selling out big time in the world of "green"

This is a post I made today on to the It's Not Easy Being Green forum, in total dismay of the fact their charity, The Big Green Idea is happy to accept money/donations from the lieks of Tesco, Reebok, etc.

Supporting The Big Green Idea..............

............and why I won't be. I came across this link yesterday, in a post up at the top under the Big Green idea forum. As I understand it, when purchases are made online from various suppliers, via this website above, then a varying percentage of that sale is donated to The Big Green Idea. Dismayed to find that The Big Green Idea is happy to accept money from the likes of Asda, Tesco, Reebok, Superdrug, Next, Mothercare, Argos, Anglian Windows, mobile phone companies, Party Box and more. I have spent a good part of the last 25 years railing against companies such as these about their ethical policies, their "green" credentials, their sweatshop labour, connections with oppressive regimes and the arms trade, packaging, hype, encouragement of over - consumerism, misleading and dodgy advertising - you name it. One emmber queried the connection with this operation, with this response: "I have to disagree Sa Trinxa, people shop and if the charity can benefit even by a few pence each time then make the most of it. OK so the Companies offered may not all be ethically air-tight but I understand the aim of the charity is to strive toward greener and ethical living but not to the exclusivity of everything else. I understand that as it grows it will be offering its own green choices for shopping and lifestyle and at that point the shopping mall can surely be re-assessed and tweaked or disposed of as necessary. I notice browsing through all of the suppliers that some are to my eyes quite acceptable and Ethical Superstore for example offer an 8% return." (this is the personal response of someone on the forum, but obviously in support of the whole thing) "people shop and if the charity can benefit even by a few pence each time then make the most of it" - without consideration for where that few pence came from? For me, not good enough, if that is the stance of The Big Green Idea. That is why I will not be supporting them.


Bitterly disappointed in this, and just cannot see on tiny amount of justification for it.

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