Wednesday, 23 April 2008

St George's Day in England. Not being a great one for Saint's Days and such, I don't celebrate it as such, but it's marked in this house by the grand picking of the dandelion flowers for wine, the traditional day to do so. Luckily it's brightened up a bit and looks a good day coming, so they should dry off a bit and open up. So, it's into the brewery this evening, also to get the peapod on to the next stage. I got two big bags of peas greatly reduced in the shop on Friday; used some of the peas for a pea and asparagus flan (first of the English this year), the rest we had on Monday with cottage pie, and the pods gone to make wine. All for 50p ! Tomorrow will be nettle day, I think - I want to do some dyeing and get some wine on the go, and the nettles are perfect for a first cut.

Spent the afternoon out in the garden yesterday, but didn't actually get much done, just pottered about. Planted two little elders, seeded from another tree in the garden, on the woodland hummock, to mark Earthday. Will be delighted if they manage to survive the ravages of OH's dreaded horrible strimmer....... The first of theh asparagus is peeping through, everything going great guns in the greenhouse - the first rice shoots are up too, with the heat - and, joy of joys, my pulmonaria rubra seems to be thriving in a plalce I had forgotten I'd put it :0)

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