Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Home appreciation day............

Found this great idea on mara's blog:

- so I thought I'd join in with some pictures of my home, which I appreciate each and every day. It's never particularly tidy or organised, but I do love it, it's very *me* :0)

The pictures show a corner of the sitting room, with rocking chair and spinning wheel; key cupboard with decoupage butterflies, in the hall; top couple of shelves of the dresser in the kitchen - everything there is actually used, not just for show; Rayburn in the kitchen, with my great grandmother's kettle, in use; corner of hall, under key cupboard, where I put seasonal displays - flowers, pine cones, corn dollies, fossils, etc.


Leanne said...

lovely 'corners of your home' sarah

like mara's- a nice post!

Leanne x

Anonymous said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing it with us; my favourite part of your house is that little corner by the window, it looks so cosy :)

kathyann said...

Thanks for sharing your home with us Sarah,I love this,we just need a home to put our stuff in then I'll be taking lots of pics lol
Our things have been in boxes for so long I've almost forgotten what we have!
Love from Kathy and the girls