Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The perfect house...........

........for me, has been found, If ever a house had my name on it, this is it. 75,000 from Drever and Heddle; if I had the money I'd buy it tomorrow, unseen, and go and live in it. As yet, I don't even know how many bedrooms (if any) it has, or indeed, how many rooms. Just imagine living in this location, though. This one has my name written all over it, I could weep (in between praying for a lottery win......)


kathyann said...

Sarah I'm with you on this one ,Meg and I have just this minute been talking about living on an island far away from every thing! Just being able to live off the land and going back to basics, no definately no tv!Making our lives our own!!Peace and solitude and with our animals around us!
Living with the seasons!
I want to go there now!!!!
Love from Kathy and the girls

MrsL said...

I'll sahre if I win the biggie, Kathyann, if you keep to that!! :0)

kathyann said...

Definately Sarah,I could think of one or two others who would like to do the same!
Fingers crossed!!!!!
Love Kathy and the girls