Sunday, 29 June 2008

That time of the month again!

Yes - it was Guild day yesterday!!!! :0) That'll be the Dorset Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers then........ The talk yesterday was on letters in tapestry weaving by Pat Johns, a well-known tapestry weaver. She showed a selection o fslides of ehr work, then we got to look closely at the tapestries she had brought along for us to see; stunning work, beautiful calligraphy lettering on sumptuous backgrounds. Truly gorgeous.......
I managed to bag some bargains on the sales table too, lots of coloured roving and spun woll, bits and pieces, a huge amount for 4.00. The money goes to Guild funds, so taht's good. Also procured a free jacob fleece (didn't "need" it as such, but had it anyway ;)), so might do that one next week.
I washed one of my own Jacob fleeces today, almost dry, so should be ready for the drum carder by Tuesday I hope; I got two from a friend of Bean's, with a promise to knit him some socks with some of it. Another project underway.
Did a bit out in the garden today, but baked bread and did most of the ironing too, so quite a lot of little bits achieved. I also washed my new pieces of Provence fabrics I won on e-bay; I want to make a little Provence wall quilt, inspired by a lovely book I am reading, lent to me by Jenni, to whom I lent my Shantyboat book in return. The book has both quilting patterns and Provence recipes in - quite a heady mixture.............
The little yellow foxglove in the picture was one I picked up at a little out of the way nursery on the way home from Wimborne on Friday; the lady who runs the nursery didn't knwo its name, but I didn't mind, it's such a pretty shade of yellow, soft and buttery........... Thought I'd better avail myself of a huge pot, crammed full of auriculas too - I reckon with judicious splitting I can get at least 6 out of it - nice bargain

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