Thursday, 3 July 2008

Fleece to foot

How to turn fleece into socks - I hope!! This is one of the Jacob fleeces I was given, sorted, but unwashed. I sorted it outside a while ago, to remove the dirty, daggy and unkempt bits (on to the compost heap with them!), then it was rolled and stored over the winter.

Separated into manageable portions, and well washed in warm water with a bit of Ecover added, then well rinsed, and laid out on a sheet in the sun to dry - took two days to dry fully.

I decided to hand card this, as it shouldn't take too much for a pair of socks, and it's less disruption than clearing a huge space for the drum carder. I'll use the drum for the rest of the fleece, though I think. This is it on the carders, mid-card, with completed rolags behind. Just a few more!!!

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