Sunday, 17 August 2008

My day in pictures................ part 3

I could only upload 5 pics at a time, so have had to show the pictures over 3 posts :0) Nice enough weather to get outside in a sleeveless t-shirt; we went on a forage, ostensibly to search out some edible mushrooms, but it's a couple of weeks early, I think. MrL and Bean found some giant puffballs in one of the fields, but they were well past their best. We found various little fungi in the woods, and the remains of a well chewed wood mushroom; one I was able to identify by book was the poison pie fungus; a couple of large logs came back with us, plus a few smaller sticks, and we found some worthwhile nut trees to go back to in a few weeks' time. Three roe deer spotted - two together, then a single one sitting very still in the wood as we walked alongside, around the wheatfield. Came back over the fields behind teh house and surprised the goats by jumping over the fence into teh chicken run.........:0) Inside for tea and chocolate and courgette cake, then sorted some wool out and made a rather good tea of mutton stew with parsley dumplings and runner beans, followed by poached pears with blueberry yoghurt. Off out in a minute to get the limoncello to round the day off nicely.

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Greentwinsmummy said...

I hope you werent as distracted as I was when I made my chocolate courgette cake....& forgot the flour argggggg.Nver mind it did make a lovely gooey pudding lol!!
Lovely pictures :o)