Thursday, 21 August 2008

Proud mother alert!

I've just had a call from Bean, who has gone into town to collect her exam results. She got A* for her English GCSE, which is a great achievement for her. She has just turned 17, and this was the first exam she has ever sat, having been home educated her whole life. She did the course as a part-time evening course at a local college and thoroughly enjoyed it; she had the support and encouragement of a great tutor, whom she took to straight away. Always looked forward to the classes, worked diligently and handed in all work on time, and it's paid off for her.
She did a single course and exam to ease her into the system of which she has never been a part; at the beginning of September she starts two courses - Moving Media & Image, and GCSE maths.

So - a great result, very chuffed mother here.:)


Leanne said...


Leanne x

Kim said...

Well done from me too, (and doesn't she look beautiful in that hat).

Sarah, would you like to drop in and pick something up on my blog

Kim x

Greentwinsmummy said...

I can feel your beaming face from here :o) you have every right to grin like a cheshire cat for a month of sundays,well done Bean & well done mum :o)
GTM x x x x