Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Equinoxal garden

Thought I'd share some photos of how the garden was yesterday, the autumn equinox - seen as the end of the summer and the beginning of the autumn, although for me, autumn started several weeks back. Off to a good start with a good blowy equinoxal south east wind - have a line of washing flapping as we speak........the leaves are turning more quickly now, whirling and swirling, settling briefly then on in another dance to settle down to rot away; beds need turning and mulching in the vegetable garden; greenhouses need cleared before the end of the month, glass cleaned, pots sorted and stacked; anhousing needs attention before the winter weather sets in; garden furniture needs attention; general tidying up and securing before the gales come in; cutting back and cutting down; still the cosmos to cut for the house, though, and squashes to harvest, also sea beet and Swiss chard in rainbow colours; soon there will be artichokes too. A busy busy but satisfying time of year outside, and often a relief to get in and back beside the stove for a cup of steaming tea...........

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aromatic said...

Love the photographs... How quickly Autumn has come in this year. I know what you mean about being busy, to be honest not quite sure where to start their is so much to be done!!!

Jane xxx