Thursday, 25 September 2008

It's good to give

I like to contribute to fundraising for good causes when I can.
This is my contribution for tomorrow - our W.I. are combining their monthly coffee morning with the MacMillan Big Coffee Morning, so I made some stuff to raise funds. One lap blanket, one pair of ladies socks, two scarves, a couple of dishcloths, date and walnut sponge cake and some lemon curd; popped in a few paperbacks for the bookstall too. Hopefully it'll go well and they'll raise a good amount for this worthy cause. I like to try and do my bit. :)


aromatic said...

You are a star!! That selection looks delightful and will most certainly be snapped up. The MacMillan Nurses are a most worthwhile cause. I lost my wonderful father in law to lung cancer at the end of August. The support the nurses provided was absolutely fantastic... nothing was too much. They provided great comfort for my father in law and also helped us deal with both the practical matters and emotional side of losing a loved one.
I had heard so much about the MacMillian nurses before but up until this year had never personally experienced their most wonderful dedicated help and care.

Jane xxx

MrsL said...

Thanks for the post, aromatic. I have had experience of the MacMillan nurses within the family, and it's one of the charities I support.

thesnailgarden said...

Oooh lovely knitting and cooking. Whoever takes any of those items home is very lucky indeed. We are taking part in the coffee morning today as well. My friend is hosting it at her shop and we are selling jewellery there and donating money from each sale. Hopefully we will raise a good amount for the charity.

Fingers crossed Pj x

Goosey said...

Your goodies look great, I work in a Hospice and although it's not a Macmillan run one all the donations that are given are so needed so it is a wonderful thing you are doing to raise money in this lovely way.