Monday, 22 September 2008

Visit to the junkyard..........

Euphamistically called a reclamation facility by some, but they'll always be junkyards to me! This is one of the better ones in Dorset. We visited here on Friday, ostensibly to seek out some doors for MrL's motorbike shed. No doors, but plenty to look at. Lots of stone troughs, statues etc for the garden, pergolas, reclaimed paving and bricks, tiles, the old doors from the cells in Christchurch Police Station (I quite fancied them for the bike shed, but MrL less than enthusiastic........:) ), a lovely wooden child's wagon, nice bronze bird feeders, and my favourite, a restored kitchen range, almost identical to the one my granny had in her house when we were growing up in the village. At 430.00 (plus VAT) we left it there, however. We could easily have come home with this too, if we'd had somewhere to keep it. Shame it's been so neglected, it may well be past restoration now. It's an old inudstrial carder with the biggest teeth I've ever seen. Fascinating bit of machinery, though. I took a note of the maker, numbers, etc, and might try and research it a bit, just out of interest.

The junkyard is a only a couple of miles from Bournemouth International Airport, fairly close to where we used to live. The increase in building and traffic in the 11 years since we left is very noticable, though. Teh junkyard is down a lovely lane, though, so we stopped here for lunch (sadly nothing to forage there, but it was very peaceful, with a stream just over the bank, and lots of birdsong)

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